NIPO Academy

This page contains the recorded NIPO Academy webinars. If you are not invited to these sessions, but would like to attend, then let us know.

  • November 17 2021

    Academy #35 - Standard and custom reporting

    In this new series of NIPO Academy sessions we will do a short recap of the standard fieldwork report, but most time will be spent on how to create a private data repository and how you can use this to create your own reports.

  • October 20 2021

    Academy #34 - Survey performance

    Recently NIPO introduced Survey performance for Nfield Online, as part of fieldwork monitoring. Survey performance metrics are very important to make sure that your survey is technically running fine. But perhaps even more crucial is that these metrics give insights in how your respondents are experiencing your surveys.

  • June 30 2021

    Academy #33 - Nfield Online introduction session;

    When onboarding new Nfield Online customers we always organize an online introduction course to ensure a smooth start using Nfield. One of the NIPO trainers will go through the whole research process and will teach how to use the many features Nfield Online has, also taking into consideration the specific needs of the customer. We decided it would be a good idea that in this series of NIPO Academy sessions we will do such a session for a wider audience.

  • April 15 2021

    Academy #32 - Sampling points with(out) quota;

    In our efforts to move CAPI features from the Classic Manager to the new Nfield Manager, we have made another step. We have already migrated the basic CAPI surveys into the Nfield Manager and we are now ready to move the CAPI surveys with sampling points too. In this series of NIPO Academy sessions we will show how to create, assign and monitor CAPI surveys with sampling points in the Nfield Manager.

  • March 11 2021
    CAPI  |  Online

    Academy #31 - Our new Domain Administrators training program;

    Recently NIPO launched a new DA course. This course concentrates on the responsibilities of the DA and the tools NIPO has built to help you meet these responsibilities. We would like to use this series of NIPO academy sessions to introduce this course. We will concentrate especially on the new features for survey groups and domain access that we have introduced over the last months.

  • February 11 2021

    Academy #30 - Pause and resume surveys in Nfield Online;

    Nfield Online comes with the built-in capability to pause the interview and resume the interviewer at the precise location where the interview was previously suspended. We have recently added more control options to Nfield that determine how the interview is (differently) resumed in various situations. In this series of NIPO Academy sessions we will walk you through the options of this new feature.

  • October 28 2020

    Academy #29: CAPI in the Nfield Manager III - Basic surveys;

    NIPO has been working for some time on merging CAPI into the new Nfield Manager. We are now ready to move all the basic surveys (these are projects without sample points or addresses) to the new Nfield Manager. In this series of NIPO Academy sessions we will walk you once more through the process of creating and managing a basic CAPI survey in the Nfield Manager.

  • October 1 2020

    Academy #28: Changing the quota frame after fieldwork started;

    Following some testing on a limited number of domains we are now ready to release this feature to every Nfield Online customer. Before doing this, we would like to walk you once through this feature and explain how to keep track of your survey progress when multiple quota frames are used.

  • July 22 2020

    Academy #27: Quota - Existing features and new additions;

    Over the last period NIPO has made significant improvements to the quota mechanisms of Nfield Online. In this new series of NIPO Academy sessions we will not only present 2 new additions, but also revisit the earlier introduced features and talk about best practice.

  • May 27 2020
    CAPI  |  Online

    Academy #26: The Audit Trail;

    NIPO has introduced a new feature for Nfield, the Audit Trail. In this series of NIPO Academy sessions we will show you how to use this feature. With the help of Audit Trail, you can follow the journey of the respondent through your survey. You will see which questions were seen by the respondent, in what order these questions were shown, which navigation was used to move to the next question, how many times a question was shown to the respondent and how long it took to answer each question.

  • December 19 2019

    Academy #25: CAPI in the new Nfield Manager II;

    NIPO is migrating all the CAPI functionality from the classic Nfield CAPI manager to the new Nfield Manager. We are now ready to migrate the surveys with sampling points and quota. In this series of NIPO Academy sessions we will take you through the new features in the Nfield Manager and share the timetable of the phase out of the old Nfield CAPI Manager.

  • December 12 2019

    Academy #24: Nfield reporting;

    Nfield comes with a build-in reporting tool, that we keep enriching with new features. In this series of NIPO Academy sessions we will first do a quick refresh on the features of the Fieldwork Overview report, then focus on the select, relabeling and split/merge transformations that have recently been added.

  • November 19 2019
    CAPI  |  Online

    Academy #23: Nfield housekeeping;

    This year we introduced several features that empower you to keep track on how you use Nfield. Features that are meant to give you an idea of your footprint on the Nfield servers. In this series of NIPO Academy sessions we will showcase the features we have introduced, like the domain usage report and the survey metrics, and give you tips on how to use these to your advantage.

  • August 15 2019

    Academy #22: Nfield Online quota features;

    NIPO recently released several new Nfield Online quota features. Various quota scenarios, like least filled quotas, quota on multi codes questions, maximum quotas and best practices, are covered in these Academy sessions.

  • May 15 2019

    Academy #21: CAPI in the new Nfield Manager;

    At this moment Nfield is using different Manager interfaces for CAPI and Online. This may be confusing for customers using both channels and inefficient for NIPO because the basic features must be built and tested in both Managers. In these Academy sessions we will present the steps in which the two Managers will be merged into one.

  • February 7 2019
    CAPI  |  Online

    Academy #20: Paradata;

    In these Academy sessions we introduce a new document on paradata, tell you how to get to the paradata and give you a few practical examples on how you can use this data.

  • December 20 2018

    Academy #19: Sampling points with addresses and quotas, voice over;

    This series of Academy sessions introduces a new CAPI sampling method, sampling points with addresses and quota, and an improved voice over question type in our template.

  • July 10 2018
    About NIPO  |  CAPI  |  Online

    Academy #18: NIPO Training and Certification;

    This series of Academy sessions is about launching our new training and certification program.

  • May 22 2018
    About NIPO  |  CAPI  |  Online

    Academy #17: New Nfield features for GDPR;

    This series of Academy sessions is on how Nfield can support you in your GDPR compliance.

  • April 18 2018

    Academy #16: CAPI surveys in waves;

    A request we often get is about support for surveys in waves. That is to say surveys that are done repeatedly with the same respondent. Nfield offers several processes that can help you reach these goals. In this academy we will go over these processes and talk about how they could help you and what the pitfalls of these processes are.

  • February 23 2018
    CAPI  |  Online

    Academy #15: Manage (long) lists in Nfield;

    This series of Academy sessions put focus on efficient scripting in Nfield, when using long lists. We introduced a new method to store the answers. Requiring less positions so you will not reach the "maximum positions" as easily as you do now when using the large list multiple times in a script.

  • May 16 2017

    Academy #14: Emailing in Nfield Online;

    This series of Academy sessions put focus on emailing in Nfield Online. We shared the do's and don'ts when sending email invitations to your respondents, although the session video only shows an overview of how emailing is being implemented in the Nfield Manager.

  • February 12 2017
    CAPI  |  Online

    Academy #13: Nfield Composer;

    We see more and more customers no longer employing fulltime survey programmers. The researchers themselves are responsible for making the survey. To enable this in Nfield we created the Nfield Composer, part of the Nfield suite. It is the first step into the creation of a full end-to-end solution for market research, soon to be followed by reporting capabilities. In this Academy session we explain all the details of the Nfield Composer.

  • January 10 2017
    CAPI  |  Online

    Academy #12: Working with Nfield data;

    In this Academy session we explain the files Nfield uses and generates, along with all the possibilities. We elaborate on the relation of the U-file and O-file with the script. More details are shared about the paradata, all the information in there and how that could be used. Finally, we will discuss the media files.

  • May 31 2016

    Academy #11: Optimized Nfield CAPI scripts;

    Performance of the Nfield CAPI app (most often shown by speed of screen refresh) is critical. We share some guidelines on what to do and what to avoid when creating an Nfield CAPI ODIN script.

  • May 17 2016
    CAPI  |  CATI  |  Online

    Academy #10: NIPO DSC for IBM SPSS;

    A webinar about working with the NIPO DSC for IBM SPSS. With the NIPO DSC you can open NIPO Software data directly in SPSS. There is no need to convert the data. With the NIPO DSC you can run your data processing and analytical processes completely in IBM SPSS, even though the data is collected using NIPO Software's technology.

  • May 10 2016
    CAPI  |  Online

    Academy #9: Troubleshooting;

    In this session we looked at the most common support questions we receive for Nfield, dealing with synchronization, quota and perceived missing interviews. We give some guidelines on what is happening and how this can be resolved.

  • March 24 2016

    Academy #8: Sampling points and addresses;

    Session that gives an overview of the Nfield survey types, what sampling points are, how to set up sampling points and addresses and how this is presented in the Nfield CAPI app.

  • February 25 2016
    CAPI  |  Online

    Academy #7: UploadTool;

    Explanation of the UploadTool that was created as some functions of Nfield are only available using our API.

  • December 3 2015
    CAPI  |  Online

    Academy #6: Theming NfieldChicago;

    Learn the basics on how to theme the NfieldChicago template.

  • November 12 2015
    CAPI  |  Online

    Academy #5: NfieldChicago template for scripters;

    Introduction to the ODIN syntax and new features of the NfieldChicago template.

  • June 2 2015

    Academy #4: Quota;

    Explanation on basics of quota, how to set up surveys with quota and how interviewers work with quota.

  • April 21 2015

    Academy #3: Synchronization and communication;

    Get to know all the ins and outs on syncing and communication using the Nfield CAPI app.

  • March 19 2015

    Academy #2: Location fix;

    This webinar is dedicated to storing of GPS interview location using the Nfield CAPI app.

  • February 25 2015

    Academy #1: Basic introduction to Nfield;

    Explanation on our cloud based solution and how to use the Nfield Manager.