Support at NIPO is a team of highly experienced specialists who have been with us for many years and know every detail about our survey solutions. Learn more about your Support team members, their work and how you can reach them easily.

The Customer Section of NIPO website and the direct support phone numbers are the two ways you can make a support contact

The Customer Section comprises product documentation, support materials and information. Here you can see all the items that are related to the survey solution(s) you are using.

Even more importantly, through the forms in the Customer Section you can easily report your problem. Every raised query goes directly into the hands of our Support team.

In summary, the Customer Section serves to:

  • Report a bug/ issue
  • Download documentation
  • Access training videos
  • Update personal and company info

The Section is accessible to all our customers, and every user of our solutions can ask for login credentials, after which he or she receives a unique personal password.


1. If you forget your password, you can retrieve a new password by clicking on the button “Retrieve your password” on the login screen. 2. If your login email address has changed, please contact us at to reset your access. 3. If you have a new member of your team who should be provided with the access, please either raise a query for you team member via Customer Section or contact us at

For urgent issues, you can also reach your nearest Support team member straightaway via phone.
Amsterdam – open 9.00 – 18.00 CET >>> +31 20 52 25 980
Beijing – open 9.00 – 18.00 CST >>> +86 10 5884 2192
Buenos Aires – open 9.00 – 18.00 ADT >>> +54 91 16 97 07 637


Every country celebrates different bank holidays and our local Support team members are not at the office during that time. Please check the calendar of local bank holidays and if this would be the case, the best is to raise an issue via the Customer Section and label its subject as “urgent”. If your time zone coincides with the time zone of another Support center, you can also call that other Support center.

Your query is responded within 24 hours

The Support team members provide help with every problem you might encounter. Our support policy is to respond within 24 hours, but in practice we usually address your query much sooner.
To secure speed and quality of our processes, Support team members review all incoming queries and emails every day to assess the complexity and urgency of every issue immediately. When the closest Support center can’t respond to the query fast enough, another center takes over the issue so that we always provide our customers with the highest standards of support.


Please be aware that for now, our Support team is not available on the weekends. Therefore, if you raise a query on Friday, we will likely respond on Monday.

Support team members

Our Support centers are located in the Netherlands, Argentina, China and India. All Support team members have been with us for many years and are highly specialized in our solutions.

Although they primarily attend the queries from the local customers, all Support team members are also fully available to respond to queries from other regions.

You are informed about every release of new features via email

We constantly continue to develop our solutions. Every new feature is designed to enhance the solutions and benefit our customers. Once a new feature is developed and tested, we make it available to our customers by releasing the update of a solution.
Every release automatically updates the backend of the software. Our Support team ensures a smooth integration of new features and sends your domain administrators a detailed information about new updates via email.

The Nfield platform’s stability is monitored 24/7

We understand that our customers need a flawless performance of the solutions to do their work and accomplish their business goals. That’s why we have a security and stability watch in place all day and night.

Our watch system has been built with a special focus on the local performance of the survey solutions. This enables us to spot any irregularities anywhere in the world immediately, and often start working on their solution before our local customers notice that something has happened.

  • Through-out the day, our large performance screens at the Amsterdam office indicate – by the second – how smoothly the Nfield projects are running all over the world. Even the slightest abnormalities turn up red on the screens to alert us of a possible problem immediately.
  • Throughout the night, our team remains connected to the watch system via smartphones and smartwatches. Regardless of the night hour, if a problem arises anywhere in the world, the system activates an alarm on our mobile devices and we start examining the problem and putting solutions in place straightaway.

We  supporting our customers. Always happy to help!