Tailored services; Take your survey capability to the next level

NIPO survey products are packed with powerful features designed to bring you market research success. This means there’s a lot to know and a lot of possibilities to be explored. Because we know some customers are better equipped for realizing all the opportunities than others, we offer supplementary paid-for services. Delivered either by the NIPO support team or by our partner, DataExpert.

Training: learn to master your NIPO system

Our survey solutions are designed to support a complex suite of market researchers’ needs. To enable your team to get maximum benefit, NIPO provides tailored training which can cover the full spectrum of technical and organizational knowledge.

All new NIPO customers are given free Introductory Training. This 2-hour session teaches how to use the system and launch a survey, plus other basics tailored to individual customer needs. So you get the most out of our software from the first login.

Taking your skills to the next level

We also offer paid-for Advanced Training of various lengths on topics ranging from scripting to effective fieldwork management, safeguarding email reputation and much more. Popular subjects include ODIN scripting, which gives you the power to fully customize NIPO survey functionality.

Many customers also like to bring us in to train their newcomers. And if our software is unfamiliar to your organization, we can get you completely up to speed on everything there is to know about it.

NIPO training can take place at our office, your premises, online, or anywhere else you prefer.

NIPO Nfield survey solutions are based on the highly regarded ODIN scripting language. This makes it easy to customize our software to individual needs. Because not every market research organization has its own in-house scripters, and those who do can’t always keep up with workload, we have partnered with DataExpert to offer you with ODIN scripting services for Nfield product customization.

Scripting: on-demand experts for customization

Fast response so you can always deliver

Landing a new project can sometimes call for fast action to create the perfectly tailored questionnaire. You might need to alter things such as routing, filtering and masking or types of survey questions (e.g. drag and drop, sliders, star rating). Or maybe define your quota targets. All this can be achieved with ODIN scripting, and DataExpert is on hand to make it happen for you.

If you need external scripting help, don’t hesitate to contact our team at sales@nipo.com. Or feel free to reach out to DataExpert directly at nipo@dataexpert.hu

Theming: individualizing your survey design

The way your surveys look and feel can have a big impact on respondent engagement. NIPO Nfield survey default themes have been very carefully designed to maximize likelihood of completion, with attractive styling and a host of advanced presentation features.

However, some customers require a more unique presentation that’s closely aligned to their own branding or a particular theme. The possibilities for customizing Nfield are endless, and can be realized via common web development techniques such as HTML5, javascript and CSS.

Gifted designers and coders create your unique look

However, theming surveys to change their template appearance and functionality is a real art. So if you want to maintain the high standard our default theme demonstrates, we recommend only using sufficiently talented and experienced professionals. If you aren’t fortunate enough to have these skills in-house, our partner DataExpert is able to provide them.

If you need theming help, don’t hesitate to contact our team at sales@nipo.com. Or feel free to reach out to DataExpert directly at nipo@dataexpert.hu. Please note that custom survey design typically takes around 2-6 weeks from delivery of a full brief.