Faster experience for
Chinese respondents

using our new Nfield
China deployment! 

NIPO is proud to announce that a Nfield deployment from mainland China will be available soon. This is unique and will provide an excellent experience to your Chinese respondents as data no longer needs to pass the Great Firewall of China.
Some background information: The performance of outbound internet traffic in China is impacted by what is called the Great Firewall of China. This firewall actively checks all connections to the outside world, including cloud-based online interviewing platforms. For Nfield Online users in China, who were connected to the Nfield deployment in the Azure data center in Hong Kong, this meant unpredictable delays in load times for new questions and thus a poor respondent experience, with high drop-outs as a result. This was not only the case for NIPO’s Nfield, but for all CAWI interview systems that are hosted from outside mainland China.
The new Nfield China deployment is hosted both for the primary location and backup location from mainland China. The Chinese Government fully approved the Nfield China deployment and granted us Internet Content Provider (ICP) filing. In our field, this is unique and is definitely setting NIPO’s Nfield offer apart from competition.

Not only online surveys will benefit, also the interfaces for setting up survey projects and managing fieldwork will be more responsive. And Nfield CAPI interviewers will benefit from faster synchronization on their tablets.

As we speak, NIPO is doing the final fine-tuning on the Nfield China deployment to ensure a strong foundation and excellent start. We expect the final stress tests over January 2019 and expect to fully open the Nfield China deployment early February 2019. If you are interested to join us on the tests, please let us know.


Nfield is fully offered to you in Software-as-a-Service model and thus makes you worry-free. Nfield is exclusively hosted from the Microsoft Azure platform, which guarantees high performance, reliability and stability. Apart from the Nfield deployments in China, Nfield is deployed from Europe, America and Asia. Nfield is a fully scalable system that can handle extremely high volumes. Nfield is fully secure, which is backed up by an ISO 27001-2013 certification for both NIPO and the Nfield platform. NIPO and Nfield are both compliant with GDPR legislation.

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