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Bjorn is a sports fanatic, and likes a physical challenge. He enjoys running in particular, and frequently participates in half-marathons and boot camps, always strives to better his previous performance. One of his favorite events is the annual Damloop, a ten mile run with an absolutely amazing atmosphere. If Bjorn is not running, you will most likely find him watching sci-fi movies or taking care of his family.

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new technology

Having completed his studies in computer science, Bjorn started his career in the software industry by supporting C++ libraries. In 2002, he moved to NIPO Software and created the NIPO ODIN Developer. Bjorn is a much-valued member of the NIPO team and his current role encompasses that of an architect, team leader and software developer. His interest in software goes beyond the day job and he relishes learning about new technologies, and seeing how they could benefit Nfield and the work of our team.

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