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Online: Nfield Online
Nfield Online
Online & Mobile surveys
Attractively designed and responsive to all devices, our professional online survey solution is primed for delivering high response rates.
Telephone: NFS CATI
Telephone surveys
The world’s first and most used telephone survey software, currently with 10,000 CATI seats around the globe.
Face-to-face: Nfield CAPI
Nfield CAPI
Face to face surveys
Outstanding control of how face-to-face fieldwork is carried out results in better data quality and faster survey completion.

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Creating truly purposeful survey solutions

NIPO develops Online, CAPI and CATI survey solutions specifically to serve the needs of professional market researchers. For over 20 years, we have been working closely alongside market research organizations to continually deepen and freshen our insights into their challenges, in order to create truly purposeful solutions.

This unique bond means we have robust practical knowledge of how to efficiently organize survey distribution of any scale. Which enables us to serve our customers with exceptionally well-thought-through products, particularly when it comes to tackling large scale national and global projects. Our unrivalled combination of deep industry understanding and high-level IT expertise means our customers benefit from survey software which is genuinely designed with their success in mind.

With more than 200,000 users around the world, NIPO supports many thousands market research projects every year.

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