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To create smart software solutions for market researchers

NIPO develops data collection tools for professional market researchers. Our expertise in software development coupled with years of experience in the research industry mean we are best placed to help specialized agencies and teams resolve challenges in automation and fieldwork.
With over 20 years of experience, 250+ customers and more than 200,000 users,
NIPO has supported tens of thousands research projects around the world.

Discover the power of

Mobile surveys: Nfield Online
Nfield Online
Online & Mobile Surveys
Mobile surveys, extensive scalability, with modern and engaging designs
Telephone: NIPO CATI
Telephone surveys
Powerful dialer, flexible telephoning and data quality control
Face-to-face: Nfield CAPI
Nfield CAPI
Face to face surveys
Smart synchronization, GPS tracking and advanced fieldwork monitoring

Who are we?

Passionate experts in market research methodologies and software technologies.
And not only that: we are also motor bikers, pet owners, family people and occasional beer lovers.
We enjoy software development, it’s like creating art to us - an exciting mix of logic and emotions
– but it’s your challenges that lead the way, and motivate us to keep innovating our platform. 

Where to find us?

You can find most of us at our headquarters in Amsterdam,
whilst other team members are based in our support offices in Hong Kong, Buenos Aires and Madrid. 

Market research events provide great opportunities to network with the NIPO team.
In addition, our developers regularly attend big tech events. Please subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on LinkedIn or Facebook to find out where we’ll be in attendance as we would always welcome
the opportunity to meet you in person.

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