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Scripting with Nfield is straightforward. The language that supports our products is called ODIN and it’s widely accepted as one of the easiest one’s on the market. For organizations that don’t have own scripting team, or just need one-time help, we cooperate with a qualified scripting partner that will address all individual needs professionally and neatly.
Our partner DataExpert has been fully trained in the ODIN language and the Nfield Platform. DataExpert will especially help you if you need to:
  • write a thorough ODIN script for the questionnaire,
  • develop a custom theme for Nfield surveys,
  • assess data processing and visualization,
  • and find technical support to host your Nfield surveys.
 "DataExpert allows you to deliver high quality services, without having to build or enlarge your internal operations team. Partnering with NIPO was a logical step for us, as our mutual strengths are innovation and high quality client support. We are sure that NIPO users will benefit from our services and we are ready to start working." 
Zoltán Vasvári, CEO at DataExpert

"We are excited about this partnership as it addresses a clear demand from our customers. DataExpert has excellent expertise, will scale to the right level of support and lower the barriers to quickly expand usage on our Nfield platform. The DataExpert offer complements the NIPO services in a flexible manner." 
Jeroen Noordman, CEO at NIPO

Please don’t hesitate to contact our team at for more information, or feel free to reach DataExpert directly at For more insights, you can also visit the website of DataExpert

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