Nfield survey solutions incorporate a high amount of selectable customization options. However, it would be impossible to make all their limitless possibilities available in this way. Full customization of questioning and appearance can still be achieved through scripting and theming. But because we realize many of our customers don’t have (enough of) the necessary expertise in-house, NIPO has teamed up with DataExpert to offer advanced personalization of Nfield survey questionnaires.

DataExpert’s scripters, designers and coders are experienced in optimization and automatization of complete survey projects. They are also fully familiar with NIPO solutions and with the ODIN script language used. Their focus on ensuring project-wide success ensures every task is undertaken will full consideration for the overall result. And they are happy to coach customers in how to make internal survey project processes more efficient and advise on the necessary tools necessary. It’s a winning formula!

DataExpert can provide:

  • Scripting: to customize questionnaire structure and logic
  • Theming: to develop custom look and feel (useful for branded surveys)
  • Visualization: to advise you on data processing and visualization of collected data
  • Hosting: to host and manage your surveys in Nfield

ODIN Scripting

DataExpert ensures their own quality control standards are aligned with individual customer processes, to deliver the best outcome in the most efficient way. Delivery time varies from two days to a couple of weeks, depending on the project’s complexity and length.


DataExpert always considers aspects such as user friendliness, survey performance, design, reproducibility and effectiveness when creating custom survey designs. For simple requests (e.g. application of brand colors and logo), the template is adjusted during any scripting which is simultaneously being carried out, minimizing time and costs. More complex requests which involve redefining the entire look and feel may take a few weeks.

Examples of DataExpert’s work

“DataExpert allows you to deliver high quality services, without having to build or enlarge your internal operations team. Partnering with NIPO was a logical step for us, as our mutual strengths are innovation and high quality client support. We are sure that NIPO users will benefit from our services and we are ready to start working.”

Zoltán Vasvári, CEO at DataExpert

“We are excited about this partnership as it addresses a clear demand from our customers. DataExpert has excellent expertise, will scale to the right level of support and lower the barriers to quickly expand usage on our Nfield platform. The DataExpert offer complements the NIPO services in a flexible manner.”

Jeroen Noordman, CEO at NIPO


Don’t hesitate to contact our team at for more information or reach DataExpert directly at