Doris Fung

Regional Sales Manager,
Asia Pacific

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As a cat lover and a home baker, Doris is actively discovering the local society and lifestyle. Whilst she hasn’t been in Amsterdam for long, she already feels at home around, and has even tackled first Dutch words and grammar. Doris’s beloved 13-year-old cat called Fei Meow travelled with her from Hong Kong, and just cuddling with him puts Doris at ease and refills her unbelievably big tank of positive energy.

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Doris is a warm hearted sales representative with a genuine desire to keep customers happy. She was based in the Hong Kong office for six years, before moving to the Amsterdam office. Fluent in both English and Chinese, Doris uses her linguistic dexterity to correspond with customers and any incoming enquiries. Her background in computer studies and experience with systems implementation also puts her in good stead for this.

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