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Product Manager

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Italian zest for life

Filip loves everything about Italy, with its tastes, culture and vibrancy. According to Filip, it’s a place where life feels to be embraced in every sense - the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly. The local cuisine epitomizes Italians’ zest for life with fresh local ingredients including fresh meat, fish, vegetables and, of course, pasta! He likes to suggest that you can understand the importance of fresh pasta only if you have experienced it first-hand as it’s delicious.

Talk to Filip about
building software

Filip started at NIPO Software as a Software Developer, and as the company grew, he gradually took over the project management of software development plans. In his current role, Filip translates strategic decisions along with feature requests from end users into actionable tasks for the development teams. Needless to say, Filip is a backbone of our development and works closely with all developers and our Scrum Master.

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