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2022 holiday schedule for Mumbai, Amsterdam and Buenos Aires support offices.

C = Closed

 Mumbai AmsterdamBuenos Aires
New Year’s Day 3 January Monday   
Makar Sankranti 14 January Friday   
Republic Day 26 January Wednesday   
Carnival 28 February Monday   
Carnival 1 March Tuesday   
Mahashivratri 1 March Tuesday   
Holi 18 March Friday   
Memorial Day 24 March Thursday   
Maundy Thursday 14 April Thursday   
Good Friday 15 April Friday 
Easter Monday 18 April Monday   
King’s birthday 27 April Wednesday   
Bank Holiday 2 May Monday   
Revolution Day 25 May Wednesday   
Ascension Day 26 May Thursday   
Pentecost 6 June Monday   
General Guemes day 17 June Thursday   
General D. Manuel Belgrano Day 20 June Monday   
Independence Day 15 August Monday   
San Martin Day 15 August Monday   
Janmashtami 19 August Friday   
Ganesh Chathuthi 31 August Wednesday   
Dusshera 5 October Wednesday   
Prophet’s Birthday 7 October Friday   
Holiday for tourism 7 October Friday   
Columbus Day 10 October Monday   
Diwali 24 October Monday   
Holiday for tourism 21 November Monday   
Feast of the Immaculate Conception 8 December Thursday   
Holiday for tourism 9 December Friday   
Boxing Day 26 December Monday