Public holidays

    Amsterdam Buenos Aires Hong Kong
1 January  Happy New Year! X X X
12 February  Carnival   X  
13 February  Carnival   X  
16 February  Lunar New Year     X
19 February  Lunar New Year     X
29 March  Maundy Thursday   X  
30 March  Good Friday X X X
2 April  Easter Monday X X X
5 April  Ching Ming Festival     X
27 April  King’s Day X    
30 April  Holiday for Tourism   X  
1 May  Labour Day   X X
10 May  Ascension Day X    
21 May  Pentecost X    
22 May  The Birthday of Buddha     X
25 May  Revolution Day   X  
18 June Tuen Ng Festival     X
20 June  Flag Day   X  
2 July  Hong Kong Special Administrative
Region Establishment Day
9 July  Independence Day   X  
20 August  San Martin Day   X  
25 September  The day following Chinese
Mid-Autumn Festival
1 October National Day     X
15 October Day of respect for cultural diversity   X  
17 October  Chung Yeung Festival     X
19 November  National Sovereignty Day   X  
24 December Christmas Eve   X  
25 December Christmas X X X
26 December Boxing Day X   X
31 December New Year’s Eve X X X

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