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Kantar TNS were dissatisfied with the quantitative research software in use for a large customer satisfaction survey of AirFrance-KLM airlines. The most prominent reason for this was the relatively high price per interview coupled with an inadequate level of technical support. Both AirFrance-KLM and the Kantar TNS account teams decided to look for a new data collection platform.

Looking for a future-proof solution

Kantar TNS approached NIPO to migrate the survey for the AirFrance-KLM project. The customer satisfaction survey was running on Confirmit at that point, with over 100,000 interviews per month. The contracting team didn’t just want to move the survey, they also wanted to make it future-proof, particularly in terms of user engagement and mobile device awareness.

“We want to be ready for the future,” says Martijn van Keulen, Account Director at Kantar TNS, “implementing new features gradually, and without affecting data integrity”.

The project’s requirements

At that time, NIPO was still knee-deep in the development of Nfield Online, a modern cloud-based data collection platform for online surveys. Therefore, the AirFrance-KLM customer satisfaction survey came just at the right moment to showcase its power and potential.

The platform already met all of the criteria for the project: it could run the questionnaire and was mobile friendly; it had API’s to allow end-to-end automation; it was priced competitively; and NIPO was committed to helping Kantar TNS make the migration a success.

For Kantar TNS, changing to a platform that was still in development was a risk. However, previous positive experiences with NIPO, reliable technical support, and the fact that the Nfield CAPI platform - which runs on the same interview engine as Nfield Online -  had already been used by Kantar TNS without any difficulties, provided the necessary impetus to change.  

Keeping respondents in mind

The migration process was performed in stages so that the research team and respondents wouldn’t be inconvenienced. First, the existing survey automation infrastructure was integrated with Nfield, and the survey volumes were then switched gradually from Confirmit to Nfield.

Martijn recalls:
“With such huge volumes of data, we could not afford for anything to go wrong. We needed everything to look and behave the same, with the exception of respondents quitting the survey and dropping out. To help prevent these dropouts we engineered the survey layout to adapt better when respondents took the survey on their mobile phone”.

​Great results make happy customers

The AirFrance-KLM survey took just four months to migrate, even though we had factored in more than 12 months originally. Within the first weeks after the migration, the survey started showing less drop-outs and a higher response rate.

The transition appeared to be seamless for respondents.

We rarely get a respondent who has a query, and we certainly didn’t receive any feedback following the migration to Nfield. In fact, they didn’t notice a thing,” said Martijn.

​The real achievement of this migration has been data consistency

Customer satisfaction research is not about the software. It is about asking the right questions of carefully targeted respondents. Yet, the software is a crucial engine that renders the questions in a tailored design and monitors the answers. Even more, to interpret the data correctly in a timely manner, every successful migration to a new software platform has to achieve a data consistency.
With this survey migration, no unwanted trend breaks emerged. In fact, Kantar TNS was able to extend the response base to additional traveler groups thanks to better support of mobile devices.
Martijn concludes, “All of our requirements were met and the NIPO team has worked well with us to make this project a success. We’re ready for the future. We will gradually introduce new features and engage respondents when and where they want to be engaged”. 

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