50% of the worldwide
population does not have
an internet connection
- reach them offline

Nfield CAPI
connects online
and offline worlds
for you

Nfield CAPI emphasizes the needs of complex fieldwork

Your CAPI surveys are always mobile-friendly and good-looking. Flexible sample and quota setting options help you optimize the fieldwork and meet targets on time. What’s more, with Nfield CAPI you can safeguard your reputation and ensure that interviewers comply the highest quality standards.

People friendly

user-friendly software with clear steps how to launch a survey

Flexible fieldwork management

joint targets, work pages, quotas and sampling points help you optimize the fieldwork on the fly

Eye-flattering design

modern design, colors and interactions also for face to face interviews

Data quality

location tracking, silent recording enable to verify the data

Offline + Online = ❤

offline data collection, online transfer and monitoring when an internet connection is available

Strong security

our team and our software comply to all data and security standards of your customers

CAPI surpasses PAPI (Paper and Pencil) in speed, flexibility, quality control and cost

Since the 50% of the world’s population does not have a connection to the internet, the face to face approach remains better suited to conduct research projects in many parts of the world. In addition, personal meetings are still needed to interview persons living in a certain geographical area (streets, neighborhood). What’s interesting about face to face interviews is that enable to capture the environment or subtle nuances in respondents’ reactions. When comes to solutions, CAPI offers better control, flexibility, and cost and time management than Paper and Pencil solutions. 

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