Nfield CAPI; Faster, more reliable face-to-face surveys

A new level in efficient, highly reliable survey fieldwork

NIPO’s Nfield CAPI survey software transforms PAPI fieldwork into the digital age, making it easy to manage every twist and turn in where your people need to be. Full control over how face-to-face interviews are carried out, real-time progress updates and the ability to rearrange interviewer assignment on the fly help you meet all your targets with maximum speed and efficiency.

Fast reassignment

Instructions can easily be updated and sent to interviewers.

Masterful fieldwork organization

Easily arrange address-based, local and global distribution.

Attractive and mobile

All surveys are optimized for tablet screens.

Quality monitoring

GPS tracking and audio recordings confirm genuine responses.

Work continues offline

Data collection continues while offline, sends when online again.

Unlimited possibilities

Visual customization, data automation via APIs, everything is possible.

Why face-to-face surveys still matter in an online world

Despite the convenience and low cost offered by online surveys, there are many occasions when face-to-face interviews are a far more effective option. Worldwide, there are still some 3.5 billion people who aren’t connected online, whose opinions will not be collected via online surveys. Even in areas of high internet connectivity, face-to-face interviews remain unbeatably the best method for systematically collecting responses from specific streets and neighborhoods. While the advantages of face-to-face interviewing remain largely unchanged, the advent of CAPI as a fieldwork tool upgrades the traditional PAPI method with all the benefits of the digital age.


Ask us what Nfield can do for you

Face-to-face fieldwork is a complex discipline which presents many different challenges. Solving these is what keeps us motivated, which is why we love to hear about what you specifically need from a CAPI survey solution. Whatever you want to discuss, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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