Nfield Online; Maximize your online survey ability

Appealing survey design delivers more responses.

Welcome to Nfield Online. First impressions are vital and respondent attention span is short. Nfield Online survey software is therefore designed to make completion inviting and effortless. Your questions are presented in attractive templates which are fully responsive to different device screen sizes. So you get more completed mobile surveys in a shorter space of time.

Fully mobile responsive

Perfectly presented on every smartphone, tablet and desktop monitor.

Completely cost-efficient

Our pricing is flexible, monthly-based and you pay only for completed surveys.

Easy setup

User-friendly interface makes new online survey creation easy and straightforward for all.

No distribution limits

Send 10,000 emails in one batch and receive 50,000 responses per hour.

Attractive and customized

Choose a standard or custom branded theme and create the surveys you need.

Seamless data integration

Simply use our APIs and connecting tool for IBM/SPSS Dimensions.

High worldwide access to people

With around 2 billion smartphones and 1 billion tablets currently in use around the world, and still rising, accessing survey respondents is no longer limited to the time they spend at their desks. For market researchers, it’s interesting to know that educated, wealthier individuals are the most prevalent users of mobile devices, across all countries and regions.


Ask us what Nfield can do for you

Every customer has different challenges. Solving these is what keeps us motivated! Tell us what you need from an online survey solution and we’ll check if Nfield Online can do it for you. If you’d like to know more about implementing Nfield Online in your organization, we’ll put together a tailored quote.

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