2 billion smartphone
and 1 billion tablet
users worldwide
– reach them online

Nfield Online
helps you
engage mobile respondents

Nfield Online is designed with the user experience in mind

The software is user-friendly by design, and has pioneered techniques to make complex surveys look simple and beautiful. Nfield Online provides you with the power to create the professional online questionnaires you need for smarthphone, tablet and desktop screens.

Responsive design

the survey layout automatically changes to fit the screen

Data security

our team and software comply to the strongest security measures


integrate your data easily through the API and our special tool for the SPSS

Easy to use

intuitive tool for market research specialists


no need to wait for free cloud capacity to start your surveys


invite your respondents and remind them to respond the survey

In the last 5 years internet and mobile devices skyrocketed

What are the implications for a market research specialist? Many of your surveys need to be available both online and mobile in order to reach particular respondents:
Millennials (people aged between 18 and 34) and more educated and wealthier people are those who typically spend a significant amount of time each day on their mobile gadgets irrespective of the country or region that they are in.
Ask them which language they speak; it’s mostly online!

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