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Globally launched in May 2017, Nfield Online is NIPO’s uniquely versatile survey platform that enables you to deliver insights faster, more effectively and more cost-efficiently than ever before. 

Nfield: your perfect research companion to triumph in a rapidly changing world

The only online solution able to perform complex surveys via truly great-looking questionnaires, responsive to every mobile device, Nfield Online engages respondents into high completion rates.
Utilizing the proven power and performance of our Nfield CAPI solution, Nfield Online’s attractive presentations are easy to set-up, customize, control and use. So you can get to work fast on quickly reaching your targets. Without having to worry about how the technology works.   
Fully compliant practices and ISO 27001:2013 certification means you can rest assured when it comes to data security. And with cloud-based operation delivering unbeatable cost-efficiency together with all the capacity you need, whenever you need it, Nfield Online is the ultimate solution for improving both your quality of work and your profit margins. 

Picture: a small sneak peek into the administration of Nfield Online

A potent blend of essential features

  • Engaged respondents. More completed surveys
    A unique combination of modern design elements, mobile-responsive presentation and many different question types means Nfield Online is equipped with all the right elements for optimal response rates.
  • On-demand use. Optimal flexibility and cost efficiency
    Nfield is powered by the outstandingly robust and flexible Microsoft Azure cloud. So you get solid reliability, unrestricted instant scalability and only ever have to pay for what you actually use.
  • Bulletproof security and data compliance
    Security of customer data is an increasingly important issue and we fully support the safeguarding of both your reputation and your legal standing. NIPO is the only software provider in the market research industry certified with ISO 27001:2013 for data security. We are also able to provide local data storage to comply with specific local legislation.
  • Complex surveys, simple surveys. Do them all
    Nfield enables you to easily create the right type of survey for every purpose. And run as many as you like alongside each other.
  • Easy for everyone to use
    Nfield’s intuitive set-up process means you can get every new survey up and running quickly, from wherever you are in the world. Even the migration from other systems is smooth and straightforward. Nfield is efficient with your time and beneficial for everybody’s state-of-mind!
  • Proven solution
    Nfield Online has been developed in cooperation with operations managers and extensively tested by dedicated market research organizations to ensure it truly serves market researchers’ needs. Leveraging the same engine as our established Nfield CAPI solution, Nfield Online has been gradually scaling up in production for almost 2 years, with several millions of interviews per year. 

We ❤ building solutions

We believe technology should be a help, not a distraction. That’s why our Nfield solutions are designed for exceptionally user-friendly performance. So market organizations and in-house research teams can focus on conducting great research, instead of trying to understand how the magic works. 
Our team will be happy to tell you more about Nfield Online. Please feel free to contact us at with any questions. We love to chat!

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