NFS CATI; Achieve maximum telephone survey efficiency

Reliable, flexible, performance that puts you in full control

Everybody’s time is valuable. Using it well is key to achieving cost-effective telephone survey results. NFS CATI software operates via a centralized system which makes it easy for you monitor progress and performance and optimize interviewer workflow, making home-working and virtual call centers as manageable as dedicated premises. Its rich set of features lets you control many different aspects, such as who makes each call, how many times to call a number and when to try again if busy.

Flexibly efficient

Monitor progress and adjust workflow on-the-fly for continued optimal performance.

Collect more responses

Choose between auto, progressive and predictive dialing to drive productivity.

World’s most prevalent system

With 10,000 CATI seats around the globe, NFS CATI runs the world’s largest surveys.

Full end-to-end control

From easy-to-follow question set-up to live listening-in to interviews.

For every CATI project

Enables the most efficient way of working for every type and size of project.

Dependable solution

The world’s most mature CATI system, from a solid team of vastly experienced experts.

Reaching out to the full demographic spectrum

Technology developments have led to massive change in the way the word communicates. Yet while younger generations and wealthier individuals have fully embraced online methods, large sections of society remain unreachable by these. Many seniors, people with aversion to using the internet and those who live in areas without online connectivity are completely missed by online surveys. So if you want their opinions, without deploying face-to-face survey methods, you need to pick up the phone and call some of the 7 billion telephone numbers all around the world.


Ask us what NFS can do for you

Solving our many customers’ different challenges is what keeps us motivated, which is why we love to hear about what you need your CATI survey system to do for you. We’ll also be happy to put together a tailored quote for implementing NFS CATI in your organization. Whatever you want to discuss, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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