99 mobile and 14 fixed
subscriptions per
100 persons worldwide
- reach them via headset

NIPO CATI optimizes
the calls for you
– and does it fast

NIPO CATI boosts your efficiency

The software improves the cost efficiency of your call centers and optimizes your projects. It’s powered by flexible dialers that are responsive to the ever-changing fieldwork. Our CATI solution moves forward some of the largest telephone surveys in the world. It’s available both on cloud and on premise.

Enhance your flexibility

advanced capabilities such as auto, progressive and predictive dialing

Extensive scalability

from small to large fieldwork operations, it suits all types of companies

Reliable technology

solution proven by local and global market research agencies

Higher response rates

a powerful dialer logic helps you achieve better results

Operational efficiency

your supervisors can monitor in detail the progress and performance of every project and interviewer

Stability and support

our team provides 24 hour/7 days a week back up and support to you

We all use phones as staples

The telephone research industry has undergone significant changes in the last 10 years. While mobile-telephone subscriptions increased 200%, fixed-telephone dropped by 35 %, according to the ITU statistics.
On average, the world registers as many mobile subscriptions as there are people. Therefore, a headset offers a great opportunity to connect with many customer voices, particularly those who are reluctant to use screen devices (for example, seniors), people who don’t have internet access, or people who are not in favor of responding to surveys online.

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