We cooperate with experienced companies that are always at hand to address individual needs of our customers. Our partners offer CATI dialers, scripting services, data processing and development of custom theming. The implementation will be straightforward thanks to the deep knowledge of our products.

Dialers for NIPO CATI

Authensis provides a powerful dialer that can be integrated with NIPO CATI. The ACHAT dialer offers features such as voice and web dialogue functionality and data integration. 


Sevana also offers a dialer that can be integrated with NIPO CATI. The dialer is focused on quality, testing and monitoring.


Sytel provides a sophisticated dialer with a full range of features that can be integrated with NIPO CATI.


Scripting, templating and analytics


DataExpert is a full service agency whose team members are trained and updated on NIPO’s solutions. The team can help you with scripting, templating, and even data processing. Please read more here.



Ascribe offers a platform focused on text analytics. The platform transforms open-ended responses from words to wisdom. Ascribe will help you automatically fetch open-box responses from the survey and analyze them thoroughly by categorizing and interconnecting.

MROffice is specialized in data analysis of online surveys. The MROffice’s tool can be easily integrated with Nfield Online. The built-in features will help you analyze data from your online surveys smoothly.

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