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We cooperate with experienced companies to address very individual and particular needs of our customers. Our partners offer CATI dialers, scripting services, data processing and development of custom theme templates. The implementation will be straightforward thanks to their deep knowledge of our survey solutions. For more information, please contact our Sales team or partners directly.

Dialers for NIPO CATI

All three partners Authensis, Sevana and Sytel offer proven dialers that can be easily integrated with NIPO CATI. Although these dialers are 100% suitable with NIPO CATI, each one can vary in features and functionalities slightly. Hence, every company should asses what option fits its needs the best.





Scripting, templating and analytics


Data Expert is a full service agency whose team members are thoroughly trained in NIPO’s solutions. The team can help you out with scripting, templating, and even data processing. Please read more here.



Ascribe offers a platform focused on text analytics. The platform will help you fetch open-box responses from the survey automatically and analyze them by categorizing and interconnecting.

MROffice is specialized in a smooth data analysis process for online surveys. The MROffice’s tool can be easily integrated with Nfield Online.

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