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To reflect the changing nature of our products, in spring 2017 NIPO Software updated its brand identity to become just NIPO. At the same time, we launched an improved website which is designed to connect more clearly and openly with customers. Over time, we’ll add even more information and news about us, our survey solutions and ongoing development. So everybody will be able to share our journey to the future of market research surveys.

Software moves backstage

We believe technology should be an enabler, not a distraction. With this in mind, we have spent many years evolving our professional market research survey solutions to a more intuitive user experience. Our Nfield platform now delivers the most powerful and flexible CAPI and Online survey solutions on the planet, without users having to concern themselves with specialist technical knowhow.

Of course, developing market research software remains at the heart of what we do. But we keep that effort to ourselves. This frees market researchers to focus on achieving great project results, rather than investing unnecessary time in getting them running.

Today’s NIPO keeps the software behind the scenes, so our customers’ priorities can take the spotlight.     

The two sides of NIPO

The realization of how far we’ve come in our 20+ years got us thinking hard about who we are, how we work and how we connect with our customers. Our exploration of how to communicate all this led to telling a story of two sides.
It’s a well-established fact that the two sides of the human brain control different behavioral aspects. The left side controls analytical, logical and detail-oriented behavior, while the right side determines emotional, artistic and spontaneous behavior. And although these two sides process information in different ways, they still work perfectly together.
Here at NIPO, we feel this narrative of powerful characteristics that are separated but interconnected perfectly represents our company.

Illustration of NIPO’s two sides

So when talking about Nfield, we can identify one side – our background activities – as being a lifetime of modelling, calculating and coding. While the other side – the user experience – is one of colors, eye-flattering design, and flexibility.
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As you get to know us, you’ll also discover the two sides of the NIPO team members. Each of us is professionally passionate about mathematical models, programming languages and quotas. But also loves to share stories about pets, holidays, hobbies and general zest for life.
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Updated email. Please note that in line with our rebranding, all email addresses have been changed to It is our pleasure to invite you to discover more about us and our solutions at

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