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If you are a regular visitor of our website, then you might have noticed that in March 2017 everything around has changed. The new branding and more open communication are intended to benefit our customers by providing more information about us, our solutions and ongoing development. At this point we would like to share with you a story how the transformation was taking shape.

NIPO {Software}

Everything started with our products. Over the last few years, we've poured our hearts and souls into the development of the Nfield platform - highly scalable, automated survey solutions for professional market researchers.

The Nfield platform has been developed alongside experts in market research operations. Their valuable contributions helped us to create the software solutions that respond to the needs of market researchers. Nfield Online and Nfield CAPI are equipped with flexible fieldwork options and create engaging, mobile surveys whilst maintaining the cost in check.

The development of Nfield reflects our ambition to provide market researchers with solutions that enable them to innovate and focus rather on their core business than the understanding of the software’s functionalities and restrictions. This approach led us to the decision to drop the word ‘Software’ from the company name, and from today onwards you will find us below the simple name of ‘NIPO’.

The two sides of NIPO

And we haven’t just stopped there. We took this opportunity to ponder about our perceptions of ourselves, our solutions, and more importantly, about perceptions of our customers. The objective was to find a purposeful storyline that would enable us to connect with our customers and communicate better the benefits of the Nfield platform.
We discovered that both our solutions and people narrate a story of the two sides. Scientists and psychologists refer to the two sides when talking about our brain: each person’s brain consists of the left, analytical part and the right, emotional part.
What is amazing about this is that while each part of our brain processes information in different ways, the two sides also work perfectly together. This narrative appeared to be a perfect match for what we wanted to express through our branding and communications.

Depiction of NIPO’s two sides

So when talking about our solutions the two sides unveil that behind Nfield, there is a lifetime of modelling, calculating and coding, but the result at the other end – the one you can see – comes with colors, eye-flattering design and flexibility.
Nfield Online banner

Also NIPO people have the two sides. If you talk to us, you will discover passionate professionals who love to chat not only about mathematical models, programming languages and quotas, but also about our family holidays, pets, particular hobbies, and zest for life.
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As part of our transformation, all email addresses have been changed to Please feel free to discover more about us and our solutions at

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