NIPO partners

NIPO Online, CAPI and CATI survey solutions are a powerful pivotal component in your survey activities. Because they are used by such a wide range of customers, they have been designed to allow for a high degree of customization and integration with different systems. To help our customers get the very best experience and benefits from our products, NIPO has established a team of partners who we strongly recommend for carrying out customization, integration and analysis tasks.

Dialers for NFS CATI

All NIPO partners offer dialers that are proven in production and 100% compatible with NFS CATI. As dialers vary in terms of features and functionality, we suggest checking them all out to find your most suitable option.





Scripting, templating and analytics

DataExpert is a full-service agency that’s fully familiar with NIPO Nfield solutions. Their team’s expertise in ODIN scripting, HTML5 and CSS coding, design and even data processing means they can customize Nfield questionnaires to your exact specifications. All the way from question types and logic structure to visual look and feel.

You can read more about DataExpert here or on their website

Analytics, reporting and coding

Ascribe offers a platform focused on text analytics, which helps you automatically fetch open-box survey responses and analyze them by categorizing and interconnecting.

Atenatabs is an analytical tool for fast production of a large number of tabular summaries and charts. Built on the source code, it is the successor to the NIPO Diana tool

Microsoft Power BI
Power BI is a suite of business analytics tools that deliver insights throughout your organization. Connect to hundreds of data sources, simplify data prep, and drive ad hoc analysis.

Phebi collects survey responses and analyzes them, and also analyzes recorded and real-time audio. It reveals, and enables quantitative and qualitative researchers to gain a deep understanding of, what’s in people’s heads and hearts..