Power BI reporting in Nfield

Since 23 April 2019, users of Nfield Online have been able to benefit from integration of Power BI for generating shareable Fieldwork Overview reports.

Fieldwork Overview reports

These standard reports enable you to monitor your Nfield Online projects and easily share results with relevant parties. They can be found in the Reports section of every Nfield Online survey.

The new Power BI Fieldwork Overview report provides:

  • An overview of the numbers of completes, drop outs and screen outs, per survey including their progress through the day.
  • The median survey time and distribution across the respondents.
  • Question-by-question statistics for how often each has been answered, so you can easily identify if any of them coincide with big drop offs.
  • A cross tabulation page where you can compare survey questions against specific samples or questionnaire fields.
  • A page where you can see all verbatim, per question.
  • The ability to share the report with any stakeholder (e.g. customer or colleague) via a temporary link, without them needing access to Nfield.

Custom reports

Nfield has been developed to produce data in a format that makes it easy to generate state-of-the-art reports via Business Intelligence tools. This means that, in addition to making use of the standard Power BI Fieldwork Overview report, you can create your own custom reports using either Power BI or alternative BI tools, without the need for additional data processing.


Just prior to launching our Power BI integration, we held a webinar to introduce it to users. You can access a recording of this session at

Here at NIPO, we’re very excited about the opportunities Microsoft Power BI presents for the market research industry and see huge potential in how it can benefit our customers. Via both standard and custom reports. Although we are not yet at the stage where Power BI can completely replace your own data processing, it can already assist you in effectively monitoring and steering your fieldwork and creating custom dashboards, with very little investment. The ability to easy share reports with any relevant stakeholders, as needed, eliminates the time-consuming task of arranging access to fieldwork progress while also boosting transparency.

About Microsoft Power BI: Power BI is a suite of business analytics tools that deliver insights throughout your organization. It connects to hundreds of data sources, simplifies data prep, and drives ad hoc analysis. https://powerbi.microsoft.com