Every organisation is different,

so are their needs. That’s why a standard pricing chart doesn't work. Find out more

- read about our pricing policy
so that we can craft 
a tailored offer  for you

Our pricing is very competitive across all products: Online, CAPI
and CATI
The pricing model gives you maximum flexibility: one month commitment, fee per month, fee per interview
Price adjustments can occur, although our customers more often experience price reductions than increments
Prices are all inclusive;
we have a transparent
pricing model without
hidden costs

Curious to get to know you better

We would relish the opportunity to discuss your needs, expectations, and challenges. An in-depth understanding of your business means we can create a proposal tailored to suit.

Need more information?

Our FAQs may help!

What happens after I've contacted you?

Firstly, thank you for contacting us! Our Sales team will respond to your questions shortly. Afterwards, they will invite you to schedule an interactive call to run through the product of your interest. The objective of the call meeting is to show you all of the configuration options so that you know how to use the solution to your best benefit. After the necessary introduction, you will be provided with an access to test the tool in your own environment.

What should I expect from a trial?

With a trial you can set up an unlimited number of surveys. The trial surveys can be used for real projects, inviting up to 200 respondents and the standard trial period is one month. However, a longer trial period or more completed surveys is something we can discuss. Please let us know about your needs from the start.

What happens with my trial data and surveys?

We store the trial data and surveys for a period of one month for those companies who decide not to proceed to a paid version. After that period the data are permanently deleted. In the case of companies who start with a paid agreement, the trial data and surveys are kept available without restrictions.

Do I need a training to use your products?

Not necessarily. Experienced researchers and fieldwork executives dive into Nfield without any hurdles. The same applies to scripters who are already familiar with the ODIN language. For those users who require full scale onboarding, we are happy to offer introductory and tailored training.

Does my trial include any kind of commitment?

Of course that not! Testing the software to see if it meets your needs and way of working doesn’t imply any binding commitments. We are also happy about your feedback.

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