Every organisation has unique needs; Tailored pricing keeps you competitive

Flexible use lets buy just what you need, with no ongoing financial commitments.Competitive across all Online, CAPI and CATI products.Optimized fee structure gives you the best value for the volume of survey services you use.Transparent charging lets you see exactly how your money is spent.

Find out how our pricing model fits your business

Our Sales Team is ready and waiting to discuss your needs, expectations and challenges. To gain an in-depth understanding of your business, in order to create a perfectly tailored proposal. Contact us by filling the form for a trial or directly by writing to one of our email addresses.

Need more information?

Our FAQs may help!

What happens after I contact the sales team?
Your assigned representative will get back to you with responses to any questions you’ve asked. They will then schedule a call to run through the demo of your chosen product and explain all of the configuration options. They will also set up a trial for you so that you can test the tool in your own environment.

What happens to my trial data and surveys?
If you decide not to go ahead with paid-for use of our services, we will store your trial data and surveys for a period of one month after the end of the trial. After this period all the data will be permanently deleted. In the case of customers who do decide to purchase our services, the trial data and surveys will be kept and remain available without restriction.

Does my trial include any commitment?
No, testing our system to see if it meets your needs and way of working doesn’t incur any commitments.
What should I expect from a trial?
Your trial allows you to set up an unlimited number of surveys. These trial surveys can be used for real projects, inviting up to 200 respondents. The standard trial period is 1 month. If needed, it may be possible to extend the trial period or allow more completed surveys – you can discuss this with your sales agent.

Do I need training to use your products?
Not necessarily. Experienced researchers and fieldwork executives are able to get straight into using our products without any hurdles. The same applies to scripters who are already familiar with the ODIN language, which our products are based on. However, we do offer a range of training options for those who require them.