Rosie Pool

Office Manager

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classic literature

Books, and most importantly, classic literature interest Rosie the most. Her home is literally overflowing with books, from the kitchen table to the drawers in the living room. Just recently, her husband bought her an e-reader and Rosie became immediately inseparable from the device! In addition to reading, Rosie loves philosophy, modern art, wildlife and cuddling sessions with her dog, Moon, and her cats, Remus and Polly.

Talk to Rosie about
the history of NIPO

As one of our longest-serving members of staff, Rosie will happily regale you with the story of how NIPO Software transformed from a small Dutch startup to an international organization with customers using our software all over the world. She’s been an integral part of that journey, taking on many roles throughout our growth. Rosie currently manages billing and invoicing, coordinates the activities of the management team, and generally keeps the office running with her sunny disposition.

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