Seamlessly Migrating a High Volume Online Survey

Market research agency Kantar TNS performs online customer satisfaction surveys for Air France-KLM airlines, conducting over 100,000 interviews a month. They were seeking improvements in respondent engagement and technical support which did not appear to be available via their existing software platform.

The challenge: achieving a future-proof solution

Mobile devices are increasingly being used to respond to online surveys. Responsiveness to different screens is therefore very important for maintaining respondent engagement.

Aware of a decline in survey completion rates, apparently caused by lack of device responsiveness, Kantar wanted to ensure this was embedded in its customer satisfaction surveys. However, they were not able to achieve it through their existing platform. At the same time, they wanted to explore possibilities for reducing costs. In an ever-competitive market, both of these aspects were essential for future-proofing Kantar’s service.

With over 100,000 interviews being conducted every month, the ability to preserve data consistency through any migration process was also a vital consideration.

“We wanted to be ready for the future, implementing new features gradually, and without affecting data integrity”. – Martijn van Keulen, Account Director at Kantar TNS

The solution: Nfield Online, with full NIPO migration support

Nfield Online met all the desired criteria, providing mobile responsive surveys with API to allow end-to-end automation, with a more advantageous pricing structure. Essentially, and uniquely, NIPO would also work side-by-side with Kantar to migrate the survey to ensure a completely smooth transition, with no data loss or corruption and no disturbing changes for users.

Kantar had already been using Nfield CAPI, which runs on the same interview engine as Nfield Online, for almost 2 years, so were already confident in NIPO’s ability to deliver on promises.

The migration process was performed in stages so that the research team and respondents wouldn’t be inconvenienced. First, the existing survey automation infrastructure was integrated with Nfield, and the survey volumes were then switched gradually from the existing platform, Confirmit, to Nfield.

Allof our requirements were met and the NIPO team has worked well with us to make this project a success. We’re ready for the future. We will gradually introduce new features and engage respondents when and where they want to be engaged”.  – Martijn van Keulen, Account Director at Kantar TNS

A triumph in achieving data consistency

Customer satisfaction research, like any other market research, depends on maintaining data consistency for ongoing correct interpretation. Migrating very large volumes of data from one platform to another, and ensuring the new platform collects data to the same rules, is therefore a process which cannot be allowed to go wrong.

This case demonstrates NIPO’s ability to ensure watertight data migration to Nfield Online. It thereby opens the door to improving the respondent experience which leads to higher completion rates, while reducing costs.