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To unleash the full potential of powerful solutions and make the software perfectly fit to your way of working and needs, training or custom services may be required. Please don’t hesitate to contact our team with any particular request. We are happy to help.

Training to rule the software


Our software solutions support many different ways of collecting data. That’s where its power, beauty and complexity lie, and where it can become also more complicated. We encourage our customers to share their needs with us so that we can provide a tailored training that will showcase how to unlock the software’s full potential.

An introductory training option is the most popular amongst our customers. It is designed to get the maximum out of our software from the first login. We recommend new customers or new members of the customer’s team undertake this training to learn how to utilize the software to best effect.

Training usually takes 3 - 4 days in total, two of which are fully focused on learning the scripting language.


Make the software work for you, not the other way around

Besides training for new customers, we organize advanced or specialized training which are tailored to meet particular needs. For example, it could be for scripters who want to discover the latest secrets of the ODIN script to impress their colleagues with their creativity. Or market researchers who want to start using the software on their own.

‚ÄčTraining can take place anywhere in the world: at your office, at ours, or any venue of your choice. The length of the training course is dependent on how much material you need us to cover.

Scripting specialists to back you up


Scripting languages enable market researchers to create neatly tailored questionnaires. The language that supports our products is called ODIN. It’s widely accepted that the ODIN language is one of the easiest ones on the market to learn which makes scripting in Nfield pretty straightforward.

However, not every organization has own team of scripting experts. Also organizations that have an internal scripting team sometimes need one-time help for unexpected assignments.

For example, when the Account Management team has successfully sold an extra project - great news for the business, but the opportunity also may cause an overcapacity challenge.

Experienced scripters will support your project

To ensure that individual needs of our customers are met, we’ve built a strong cooperation with DataExpert. 

The team of DataExpert is trained in the ODIN language and will help you out promptly. Delivery time depends on the complexity of your script and smooth communication. Please don’t hesitate to contact our team at sales@nipo.com for more information, or feel free to reach DataExpert directly at nipo@dataexpert.hu. 

Theming professionals to brand your surveys


Theming is like a seasoning for surveys. It changes functionalities, colors and behavior of your questions. When done well, it impacts positively on respondent engagement. A template with built-in theming is a perfect connection of art and coding.

The default NIPO theme template is suitable for most surveys. It provides you with styling and advanced presentation features like drag-and-drop, sliders, entering of open-ended answers by recording or photo and many more.
For special purposes, such as customer experience surveys you may want to adopt the theming template beyond the standard options. For example, build in particular brand colors or extra functionalities. 

Take advantage of gifted designers and coders

With Nfield possibilities are endless, but some work must be done on it first. You can modify theming either yourself or ask our team for help. Also our partner DataExpert will be happy to help you out. 
Theming is an art, and its development may require more time than scripting. A period of 2-4 weeks from the brief is the most common delivery time. Everything depends on how much elaborated a tailored theming template you wish to have.

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