Sjoerd Gras

Head of Products and Marketing

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Talk to Sjoerd about coffee,
wine and fine food

Sjoerd savors great flavors and tasty food. A glass of wine is the key to his heart, and his personal wine collection includes over 100 bottles, many of which still need to rest. He also enjoys decent coffee and hand-grinds it to create the most flavorsome cup – even at the Amsterdam office! Food also plays an important part, and Sjoerd loves to cook, and enjoys eating out in Michelin starred restaurants through to Asian street food, as long as the food is authentic and made with love.

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A visionary responsible for developing our software portfolio, Sjoerd is always thinking of new ways to augment our solutions for your business. His mission is to deliver what market researchers need the most: secure, sophisticated, and easy-to-use data collection software. In addition to product management, Sjoerd looks into marketing, Nfield operations, and data security.

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