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NIPO is launching a new training and certification program. We will provide courses that will teach you more about survey scripting, capabilities of the ODIN Developer, managing fieldwork and market research in general. In this series of Academy sessions we will explain the details of this new program.

The below information is work in progress. We have published the manual and video material to give our customers a first impression of the setup of the training and certification program.
NIPO Training and Certification: Nfield Scripting I
Next exam: In week 24-28 October 2018
Assignment 1 Assignment 2 Assignment 3
General introduction ODIN Developer | Alpha question Number question Codes question
Assignment 4 Assignment 5 Assignment 6
General introduction ODIN Developer | Alpha question *Control | *Random | *Nocon Create screened-outs | IF statements | GOTO statements | End sequence | Local variables | SAVE command | Text piping
Assignment 7 Assignment 8 Assignment 9
Rescoring questions | More complicated IF statements | Dummy questions | Question filter | BUT option on questions Combining questions | Codes list (USELIST) | How to create scripter comments Repeat loops
Assignment 10 Assignment 11 Assignment 12
Matrix question | test Nfield survey | Look at NfieldChicago template Complex routing based on a repeat Add a block
Assignment 13 Assignment 14  
Create introduction in Chicago look and feel Create interlocked online quota frame  

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