Useful tools are add-ons for the NIPO solutions that are created and shared by NIPO users. The tools are available free of charges. NIPO does not offer support on these tools.

  • March 6 2023
    CAPI  |  Online

    NfieldTool 2.11

    The NfieldTool (previously called UploadTool) was created as some functions of Nfield are only available using our API. As some of our customers found it difficult to build tools using the API themselves, NIPO decided to support our users with this tool.

    After authentication in the Excel sheet, the following set of actions are at your disposal:

    Sampling Points actions

    • Upload sampling points
    • Download sampling points
    • Upload sampling points images
    Addresses actions

    • Upload addresses
    • Download addresses
    • Delete addresses
    Interviewers actions

    • Upload interviewers
    • Download interviewers
    Survey settings actions

    • Upload quota frame
    • Copy quota frame
    • Upload response codes
    • Upload translations
    • Upload interview status
    • Upload assignments
    • Download assignments
    • Upload script fragment
    • Delete assignments
    • Delete media files
    • Encrypt links for Online
    Interview data actions

    • Get contact log
    • Get GPS map
    • Download single record
    • Delete single record
    Survey groups actions

    • Manage survey groups
    • Survey group users
    Survey data actions

    • Get quota counts
    • Download respondent table
    • Clear sample column
    • Update sample record
    • Search respondent
    • Reset sample

    The update of 6 March 2023 contains the following improvement(s):

    • Deprecated API calls have been updated to their new counterparts.

  • March 1 2023
    CAPI  |  CATI  |  Online

    ReadSurvey 5.10

    Read your survey data in Excel. Based on the O-, U- and VAR-files, all project information is exported to an Excel sheet. This is a handy tool to quickly make your output readable offline.

    As of version 5.4.x, ReadSurvey now supports downloading data directly from your Nfield domain using our API. It is still possible to use this tool with NFS data as well, or Nfield dataset that has been downloaded and stored locally.

    ReadSurvey 5.x creates:

    • A data map with all question positions and variables.
    • A sheet with all closed and open answers, an interview per row. Optionally images and GPS locations can be included in the overview of closed answers.
    • A Straight run of all questions (topline reporting).
    • Appointment notes in a separate tab.

    For 32-bit MS Office users the zip also includes ReadSurvey 4.8 that allows you to create: A data map with all question positions and variables, separate sheets with all closed and open answers, straight runs off all questions and individual interview output in Word.

    Update from 1 March 2023 of version 5.10 contains the following fix:

    • Obsolete endpoints of the Nfield API have been updated.
    • The VAR-file is now included in the data download.
    • The use of decimals is now supported for numeric questions.

  • September 15 2022
    CAPI  |  CATI  |  Online

    nfieldodin plugin for Visual Studio Code

    Created by a NIPO user from China, the VS Code plugin nfieldodin can be used to review/edit ODIN scripts.

    Make sure the questionnaire script has .Q or .Odin as the extension, then opening in VS Code will offer these features:

    • Show codes (including lists) in the Outline area.
    • Show subroutings in the Outline area.
    • Show VAR name or DIMVAR name (VAR name in parentheses, DIMVAR name in square brackets).
    • Show different icons of dummy and non-dummy questions in Outline.
    • Support hover over questions in the script.
    • Support go to definition (F12) on questions in the script.

    Clicking on the Download button below will take you to the tool in the Visual Studio Marketplace.

  • August 28 2018
    CAPI  |  Online

    Nfield Theme Builder

    On the Nfield platform, users can upload their own theme to customize the look and feel of each survey. However, many users are non-technical people who have no knowledge of CSS. This lack of knowledge is blocking them to explore the styling options in Nfield. Therefore, NIPO designed the Nfield Theme Builder tool.

    The Nfield Theme Builder is an online tool. It provides a panel where users can change the color, font size and font style of questionnaire. There is a page preview showing the result instantly. The Nfield Theme Builder is made for the NfieldChicago template.

    Some of the Nfield Theme Builder options:

    • Select preset themes.
    • Upload a previously created theme and modify this.
    • Change the settings of each element (color, size, style).
    • Add up to 2 logo’s to the theme.
    • Finally, generate the theme that can be uploaded in Nfield.

  • June 1 2017


    AssignDirect, in conjuction with fieldwork planning in NIPO FMS, will automatically transfer your interviewers to their assigned survey.

    After starting the AssignDirect client your interviewers only need to log in with their Interviewer number and password (optional) and AssignDirect will do the rest. The download contains a readme.txt with more information and set-up instructions.

    1 June 2017 update: We applied a fix on the AssignDirect server. Needs Odmas32 version 3.09.002 to function properly.

  • January 29 2010


    ReportQ allows you to present CATI or Web fieldwork overviews to people internally and externally without having to give them access to NIPO CATI/Web Manager or NIPO FMS.

    The tool uses the NIPO ODIN Questionnaire to filter and present response overviews of any current survey with interviewer performance statistics. And because every CATI customer is also entitled to 2 free web licenses, there is no need to extend your license when your system is only licensed for CATI usage. Included in the download is an overview of what the tool does.

  • November 26 2009
    CAPI  |  CATI  |  Online

    Nfield Code

    Nfield Code offers a multitude in features that makes the coding process straightforward and efficient, with the focus on ease of use and fast data delivery. Download includes the release notes. Manual can be found here.

  • December 20 2004


    ProjectQ is a Questionnaire manager with graphical interface. Very useful for multi-language questionnaires.

    ProjectQ exports Q-files in different languages. Questionnaires can be translated and translations can be processed.