Employee Satisfaction Surveys: Superior Nfield Capabilities leave Clients more Satisfied too!

Understanding employee engagement is invaluable for improving a company’s productivity, quality and profitability. In recognition of this, many companies conduct annual Employee Satisfaction Surveys, the results of which can be used for anything from obtaining employee engagement scores to delving deep into underlying details for guiding future strategy.

However, because these important surveys are often outside of the realm of the marketing department, companies don’t always think of turning to professional market research companies to conduct them. Which means a big opportunity is often being missed.

The Value Of Professional Market Research Expertise

Employee Satisfaction Surveys carried out in-house, by a department without specialist market research capabilities, are likely to be very limited in terms of the level and quality of insights they produce. This is partly due to use of less complex, non-professional survey solutions and partly due to a lower level of knowledge and expertise when it comes to designing surveys and interpreting the results.

A dedicated external market research company using Nfield Online can deliver insights of far greater depth, quality and tangibility. This is achieved thanks to aspects such as:

  • Anonymity: a third party is better trusted by employees to keep their input confidential.
  • Better quality, tailored surveys: Nfield’s complex online surveys can be tailored, customized and scaled to meet the exact needs of the company, unlike standard non-professional off-the-shelf solutions.
  • Benchmarking: Nfield enables survey data to be compared against other research, so the client can obtain valuable understanding of their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Interpretation: professional market researchers can make sense of the outcomes and translate them into tangible insights.

Expand Your Offering

If you’re already using Nfield Online, you already have all you need to offer superior quality Employee Satisfaction Surveys alongside everything else you do.

If you haven’t yet discovered Nfield Online, here are a few of the powerful capabilities it offers, for every type of survey:

  • Stunning survey design, with a wide choice of appropriate templates. Templates can be updated from survey to survey, without losing the ability to compare their data.
  • Fully mobile responsive, perfectly presented on every smartphone, tablet and desktop monitor.
  • Full respondent anonymity, while you, as the researcher, can still keep track of participation and issue appropriate reminder to those who are yet to complete.
  • Continual live reporting through Power BI.
  • Maintaining respondent attention through complex routing and emphasis on gamification.
  • Ability to deep dive into the survey data, possibly comparing with previous research waves or external benchmarks.
  • Unrivalled security and compliance. Trust is critical in market research, especially with regard to data. Respondents entrust market researchers with all kinds of sensitive data about their lives. So you need to know you can trust your solution provider to keep that data safe. It’s for this reason that NIPO, the company behind Nfield, is committed to offering the most secure survey solutions possible to the professional market research industry. Our ISO 27001:2013 certification is strong and independent proof of how we’re taking the lead when it comes to data security. Nfield also includes features that assist your compliance with GDPR while carrying out your work, including the ability to conduct cross-survey searches for respondents, to delete or pseudomize interviews and to anonymize data in surveys.

And these are just the start, because our family of survey software also includes Nfield CATI and Nfield CAPI, so you can offer the very best service through every survey channel.

Ready To Increase Your Repertoire By Offering Employee Satisfaction Surveys?

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